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Will this Matter in 5 Years?

When one of my clients is worrying about something in the future or something that is about to happen, I like to ask them,

“Is this going to matter in 5 years?”

Will worrying about this going to change anything for you in 5 years?

Is worrying about this going to make things easier for you in 5 years?

In 5 years will you even remember that this was an issue for you right now?

My own boys would worry about how they would perform in their basketball games.

They would worry about if they were being left out with their friends.

They even worried about spending money, while in High School.

All things that don’t matter to them now they are adults.

Things that make no difference in their life right now.

The thing that they will remember is that feeling of worry and if we are always in that state of worry we get into the habit of it and can stay there.

That is why we want our teens to learn how to get out of that worry habit now, so they can move forward into adulthood with confidence.

So the next time your teen is worrying about something, ask them if this is something that will make a difference to them in 5 years.

Then have them decide if it is worth worrying about.

Worry doesn’t move us forward and keeps us stuck.

If you have a teen who is stuck in that worry habit, I can help.

My teen coaching program is built for helping them change these type of habits and allowing themselves to feel all their emotions but sill be able to grow into a successful teen and adult.

I have only one evening spot available right now.

Book a free parent strategy session with me to learn how my program is a great fit for your teen.

Click the link below.

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