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Negative Self Talk When you are Anxious

Here are some tips to help teenagers stop negative self-talk:

  1. Identify the negative self-talk: Encourage the teenager to be aware of their negative self-talk. When they catch themselves being self-critical, they can write it down and identify the thought patterns.

  2. Challenge negative thoughts: Help the teenager to reframe negative thoughts by questioning them. Ask them if there is any evidence for the negative thought, and if it is actually true.

  3. Encourage positive affirmations: Encourage the teenager to create positive affirmations that they can repeat to themselves, such as "I am worthy" or "I am capable." They can write these affirmations on sticky notes and place them where they can see them regularly.

  4. Practice self-compassion: Encourage the teenager to treat themselves with kindness and understanding. Remind them that making mistakes is a natural part of learning and growing, and that they deserve to be treated with love and respect.

  5. Seek support: If negative self-talk is becoming too overwhelming for the teenager, encourage them to seek support from a trusted adult, such as a parent, teacher, or counselor. They may also benefit from joining a support group or talking to a therapist.

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