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What's the worst thing that can Happen?

I have a girlfriend who is scared of elevators. She won't get in one. EVER. She will make her husband and kids take the luggage up to their room in every hotel and she will walk the stairs by herself. She has even walked up 15 flights of stairs to a doctor appointment. The thing is, what is the worse thing that could happen? Really the worse thing that could happen to her is that she will feel an emotion. Whether that emotion is being scared or nervous or anxious. Whatever that may be, that is the worse thing that will happen. Even if the elevator gets stuck or breaks down. The worse that will happen is that emotion. What if you could just recognize that emotion and just sit with it. Practice being scared. Get good at feeling scared. If we allow the emotion then it travels through us way faster then if we try not to feel it. Then Maybe once we are good with being scared we can see being scared is not even needed. Our worries were not needed. We don't need to feel that way at all because we are OK. Think about that the next time you are holding back because you are scared or worried or anxious. The worse thing that will happen is an emotion and get good at feeling that emotion, and then decide if it is necessary at all.

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