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What is the Worst thing that can Happen?

I know a lot of people tell us to stop thinking about what is the worst thing that can happen. We tell our kids to do the same thing. But… What do our teens do what we tell them to do? They quite often don’t listen or do the opposite. Let’s be honest… What do we know anyways? Right? What about letting them know its OK to think about the worst thing that can happen. Think about it all the way to the end. Let them talk about it and come up with solutions of things they could do if it were to happen. Then give equal playing time to the best thing that can happen. So if they spend 30 minutes thinking about the worst thing that can happen, have them spend just as long on the best thing that can happen. All the way to the end too. Its called calculating the risk. Let them calculate both sides. Then look together at the most likely thing that can happen. Hopefully they can see that what is most likely to happen will happen. But…. If the worst things happens… They can handle that too. Give it a try. See how it works and let me know. If you have a teen who could use some extra direction with handling emotions, or relationships, or school stress, or any other teen problem I am your coach. I like to meet with you the parent first for a free strategy session. Where we talk about what your teen is struggling with and if my program is a right fit for them. Then we book a free coach session with your teen so I can coach them on anything they want. They always come away feeling better about what they have on their minds, a better mindset and a feeling of hope. This stuff is life changing. I love hearing my clients tell me how their anxiety levels are lower then they have every been. Book a Parent Strategy session with me now by clicking the link below.

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