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What is a Confident Person?

Teens are very confused about what is a confident person.

They feel like a "bully" is someone who is confident.

Someone who is mean to you is not a confident person.

Someone who takes you down emotionally to bring them self up is not a confident person.

Someone who is not kind to everyone is not a confident person.

Someone who is only worried about them self is not a confident person.

Confident people are kind and help the people around them feel important and loved and smart and beautiful.

They are constantly building those around them up.

They are accepting of others and their differences.

It is important to notice this in others.

It's also important to notice this within ourselves and how we can improve our own self and confidence.

My 24 week program teaches your teen how to build up their confidence and hot to take control of their emotions and become a successful teen.

Right now I have one evening sport available.

Book your free Parent Strategy Session with my by clicking the link below.

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