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What do you Believe?

A Belief is really just a thought that we have over and over until we believe it to be true. As a society we believe things all together and think they are factual. A hundred years ago we all believed that certain humans were more valuable then others. Everyone believed it to be true. We need to learn to question our beliefs. I am not saying that it's not OK to believe the things we think to be true. I am just saying that we need to be open to thinking that we could be wrong. Everything we believe is optional. You can choose to believe what you want, just make sure it is serving a purpose in your life that is helpful and not holding you back. Some of our beliefs have been engrained into our minds for so long we don't even recognize them as beliefs and just think them to be factual. So take a moment each day and really ponder on what you believe and if it is helping you or holding you back. Even when we are given direction from our governments, I don't think it hurts to do our own research and decide for ourselves if it is something we want to believe and follow. For now our family believes social distancing is what we should be following to keep our family safe. We did our own research and looked at what other countries were doing and what was working. This is not to say that we could all be wrong. With more information later down the road there may be better methods for dealing with a global pandemic. We are all probably open to being wrong and changing our beliefs on that. What I would like you to do is take that kind of approach with all your beliefs. Maybe there is a better way of thinking about something and although it can be uncomfortable to question our beliefs or to be the only one in a group to think differently we should try to be open to it. What if we get that big A-Ha moment and realize that what we were thinking was wrong and there was a better way of thinking, but we could never get to that if we are not constantly open to that posibility, of being wrong. So this next week I want you to question all your beliefs and look at the thoughts that are creating them and decide if you want to keep believing them by questioning them and really looking at them and seeing if they are serving you in a positive way.

If you would like to dive deeper into your own belief system and get a new perspective on them lets set up a free coach session. It's only 20 minutes and it is so worth it. click my book now button or send me a personal message or email me at

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