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The Ugly Truth about your Teenager.

We all wish our teens would act the way they are supposed to.

Don’t we?

We have this idea in our head about how they should be.

Teens should respect their parents

Teens should be home on time

Teens shouldn’t get in accidents

Teens shouldn’t get speeding tickets

Teens shouldn’t do drugs

Teens shouldn’t have Covid parties

Teens shouldn’t sneak out at night

Teens should clean their rooms

Teens should do their own laundry

Teens should pick up after themselves.

OK I know.

I have a long list.

AND you know what?

Teens don’t have to do any of it.

They have their own brains to make their own decisions.

We want them to be able to make decisions for themselves and know that they have that available to them.

There may be consequences to their decisions such as having to pay for a speeding ticket.

That’s our job as their parent right now to instill consequences, but allow them to know they still have a choice.

And don’t be surprised if they make a choice you don’t agree with.

They are teenagers having a human experience.

They will make mistakes.

But making mistakes and learning from them is how we grow.

We want them to make mistakes now in the safety of our home.

That way we can help them learn and they have that ability to make wise decisions when they are older.

Maybe…. My adult children are still making mistakes. (speeding ticket just came in the mail for one of them).

But that’s OK.

Eventually he will learn to slow down.

Right? Probably not, but he knows he has the choice and that there are consequences and he takes responsibility and pays for his ticket.

If you have a teenager or young adult who could use some help learning how to navigate life a little bit better emotionally, then I am your girl!

I have two programs running right now. Successful Teens and my Anxiety Backpack Program.

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