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The Question I get asked the most.

I get asked this all the time from my clients and their parents.

Should they stay or be on meds.

I really don’t know the answer.

It is not something that I am trained on.

What I do like is the thought that if your teenager is on meds then you cannot think that it will fix all their anxiety problems.

I do like to think of meds like this:

Imagine that you are drowning. And really that is what Anxiety can feel like. Right? And your Dr throws you a life preserver. This would be Medication. It saves you from drowning…… But you still need to swim to the shore. You still need to learn the tools to help yourself. You can’t just stay out in the water floating around on the life preserver. I am here to help your teenager learn those tools. Whether they are on meds or not they need the tools to help themselves get back to shore.

Here is the thing.

All teenagers need to learn how to deal with negative emotion.

All teenagers need to know how to have more confidence.

All teenagers need to know how to make a goal and organize themselves.

All teenagers need to learn that they are the only one in charge of making themselves happy.

No one else is responsible for the results they are getting in their lives BUT THEMSELVES.

I love what I teach.

I love how I coach.

I love working with my clients everyday.

Because of the great results they can get.

Who doesn’t want their child to be successful?

Why not set them up for it the best way you can? It is so worth it.

If you would like to learn more about what I offer with my one on one coaching you can book a Consult by clicking the button below!


P.S. I am working on some new exciting things! Stay tuned to find out what it is!

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