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Swing High and Swing Low

At the beginning of all my sessions, I start with a couple of questions for my teen clients.

What was your High of the week?

What was your Low of the week?

Two simple questions.

Easy enough to answer.

You would think........

Sometimes your teen will focus on all that is negative and only see negative things happening to them in their life.

Sometimes they are trying so hard to find only the positive that they are pushing the negative stuff down and trying to not see it or experience it.

Neither of these things are necessarily the way I want your teen to see their world.

I want them to be able to see that there are awesome and amazing things that happen and sometimes there are some things that happen that are not so great.

That is OK.

That is Normal.

That is how our lives are supposed to be.

We are all here on this earth having a real human experience.

Part of that is having good and amazing things and feelings.

Part of it is having some bad and yucky kind of feelings.

I want your teen to become good at feeling both.

That way when the bad stuff comes up, they don't fight against it or try to hide it or push it down.

They know it's normal and that they are meant to feel those things and experience them.

They need to know how to.

It's part of being human.

If you have a teen who struggles with focusing on the negative or trying to hard to make everything positive, then you need to book a free parent strategy call with me.

We talk about what is going on with your teen and how my program can help them.

Click the link below to book with me now.

I only have one spot left open till September!

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