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Successful Parenting

This week I have been coaching some of my client's parents. As parents we all fall into that trap of thinking "If my child is not doing good then I must be a bad parent". It's so interesting. We could have 10 kids and one kid is struggling and we think we are a bad parent. Our children's results are not our results. Our kids have this thing called agency. As much as we sometimes would like to think they don't, they do. They get to decide if they will follow our rules. They get to decide if they will listen to our council. They get to decide if they want to follow our example. We need to be OK with their choices too. We may lay out consequences to their choices but they still get to choose. What they choose does not determine if we are a good parent or not. So what does determine if we are a good parent? That's the best part. You get to decide. To me good parenting is making sure my kids are safe and I teach them the principles I think are important. To be the best me and to be a good example. To me if I can show them how to work hard and be a good person then I have done my job. If they choose to not work and not be good people then that is their choice and their result, not mine. I am still a good parent. So what Kind of Parent do you want to be. Choose and show up each day with that. Sometimes we make mistakes too. That's OK too. Just own them and move on. We are all learning. Be the best parent you know how to be.

If you are interested in learning strategies to parent your teens without depending on how they are acting, book a free mini session with me. I have limited space for parents. Click the button below.

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