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Stop Tripping!

Last week we changed out the steps leading into the house from the garage.

The new steps are slightly higher then the old ones.

For the next three days I would fall as I missed stepped going into the house from the garage.

I go up the steps multiple times a day as we have a fridge and freezer in there and I also park my vehicle in there. (we live in Canada; we have had frost already!)

My brain was so trained to go up the stairs in a different way that I kept hurting myself on them.

I had to retrain my brain so I would stop hurting myself.

After a few days I stopped tripping up the stairs and didn’t have to think about it anymore.

It is so cool that we can tell our body to automatically do something without even knowing that we are doing it.

I didn’t even realize that I was telling my body how to go up the stairs in a certain way until it changed and I had to retrain my brain.

Did you know that our brain has over 6,000 thoughts a day?

Think of how few we actually notice.

Not many compared to that huge number.

How many of those thoughts do you think we have that our hurting you?

How many that you don’t even realize that they are hurting you and that they are there, because we have trained our brain to think a certain way.

What if you could become aware of those thoughts that are actually hurting you?

That are “tripping” you from moving forward in your life.

That is why in my coaching practice

I teach how to become a thought watcher.

How to see the thoughts that we have and see if they are helping or if they could be causing us harm or self sabotaging us without us even knowing.

I love working with teenagers and young adults.

If you have one in your life that could benefit from learning to be a thought watcher then I have a program for you. Right now I am running two programs. How to be a Successful Teen, and my Anxiety Backpack Program.

Click the link below to below to book an appointment to learn more or send me an email at

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