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Stop saying your Teen Has Anxiety

Why do we say someone has anxiety?

We don’t say we have Sadness.

We have Happiness.

We have Anger.

Why do we give so much power to Anxiety?

When we say we have something like Anxiety it gives all the power to Anxiety.

Like it has taken us over and we had no control over it.

The thing is we feel Anxiety. We don’t have it.

Your teen feels Anxiety. They don’t have it.

Now yes I know you can get diagnosed with an Anxiety Disorder but I still want you to see the difference here.

When we can take back the power of Anxiety having control, we can start to see that Anxiety is a feeling.

All our feelings come from a thought that we have.

Think about that for a moment. When you feel an emotion it is always from a thought that we are telling ourselves.

Every Single Time.

Anxiety doesn’t just happen.

That is why the work I do is so important.

Most teens don’t see those thoughts or notice them.

Let’s face it, most adults don’t either.

I teach your teen how to see that.

See that all their emotions come from a thought that they create themselves.

It gives them so much power to know this.

It builds up their confidence knowing they have so much control.

It helps them in every relationship they have.

It is life changing.

If you are interested in learning about coaching for your teen or young adult, book a free Parent Discovery Call with me now by clicking the button below.

I am fully booked till the end of January for new clients but I do have two openings for January.

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