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Staying Neutral with your Teen

When I am coaching your teen I stay neutral on everything.

I have no opinion when they come to me with a decision they must make.

Sometimes it's hard because I do have an opinion.

But I want them to learn to make decisions on their own.

Sometimes we cut out all their thoughts and the thoughts of their parents and just look at the facts.

Sometimes I have them choose based on their thoughts.

They still learn to choose and how to make a tough decision.

Do you think you could do that as a parent?

Let them make a decision for themselves without expressing your opinion?

Give it a try.

You want them to be able to make decisions for themselves.

Why not start now?

Because the end goal with raising teenagers is to help them be confident independent adults.

Is your teen struggling with confidence and Anxiety right now?

I have one spot opening up starting in July.

Send me a DM if you want it or book a Parent Strategy Session by clicking the link below.

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