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Self Image

This week I have been talking to my clients about self image. It is so interesting what everyone thinks is beautiful. Everyone has their own idea. A number of years ago our family visited a Polynesian island and they view beauty in their women as someone is larger and more voluptuous. Where as here where I live, in North America people tend to think the opposite. In china they try and shield themselves from the sun as they want their skin to be light yet here again in North America you are complimented on your tan. It is all your thoughts about what is beautiful. What if we could think of ourselves as beautiful no matter what our body looks like. What if we could love ourselves for where we are right now. What if we could love the flaws that we have. Some people hate their curly hair while the person next to them is wishing for curly hair. You may dislike your freckles while your friends all love them and wish they had freckles. It's all in how perceive it. We have trained our brain to think one way. We have thought these thoughts in our brain over and over again until we truly believe they are true. We allow outside influences to direct our way of thinking also. How many images in a day do we see that tell our brain what to think about things. On my Instagram account I am told how to eat, How to dress, how to exercise, how to clean my house, how to decorate it, how to teach my children, how they should look too. It's so interesting that we allow these influences to take control of our brains. Do I want to believe them? Do I want to follow them? I guess so because I am. Is it good for my brain to allow all these influencers to tell me how I should look? Or should I be turning to myself and being happy and love myself for who I am right now and where I am. I was following a gal who was telling me where to buy my clothes. The problem is she was in the United States and I am in Canada. I was finding myself trying to find a way to order these clothes to Canada so I too could dress like her. But Why? There are places to buy cute clothes here. Why was I allowing her to influence me to buy the clothes she was wearing, My brain was telling me she was cute and I could be cute too because I was exposing my brain to the images on my Instagram. SO this is what I want you to do. Look at your social media. What are you allowing into your brain? What are you allowing to influence it? If it's not telling you that you are amazing the way you are then maybe you should consider unfollowing them. Don't let your brain be influenced in a way that is not good for you. Choose accounts the celebrate the differences in all types of people and body types. Because in the real world we are not all the same. We are all different and we need to have each others backs and celebrate that.

If you have a teenager that struggles with self image or anxiety and would like them to learn some tools to help, book a free mini session by clicking the link below.

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