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Self Doubt

Self Doubt is when we don’t have confidence in our self.

We start to not have our own back.

We start to think we can’t do something.

The thing is no one else can have our back as good as our self.

We need to have our own backs.

We need to have confidence in our self.

We need to trust our self.

Most of our beliefs are cycled through our brain over and over.

We don’t even realize how much self doubt our beliefs produce because we have always thought this way.

We feel self doubt when we allow those negative thoughts to take over.

Our negative thoughts create negative emotions.

So how do we stop the cycle of Self Doubt?

Start with small changes.

Notice when we feel a negative emotion about our self.

Ask your self what is the thought that I am telling myself that is creating this feeling or emotion.

Then change it.

Simply as that.

Here are some examples:

Instead of thinking, I have no friends, think I can be friends with anyone I choose.

Instead of thinking, I am not pretty enough, I look exactly like me.

Instead of thinking, I’m not smart enough, think I am learning and that’s OK.

Give it a try and see how it works.

It’s amazing how much Self Doubt our teens experience.

I help teens who are struggling with a lot of self doubt which is leading to a lot of anxiety.

My program is producing amazing results with my clients.

If you have a teen who can benefit from my program you need to book a Parent Strategy Call with me now.

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