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Plan on having a Panic Attack

I know it sounds completely opposite of what your mind is telling you.

It is telling you to avoid panic as much as possible.

You don’t like it.

It doesn’t feel good.

Why would you plan on it?

When we avoid or try to ignore our panic it can make it so much worse.

We have no control over it then.

It just shows up all of a sudden in an explosion.

Like a panic attack.

So what if we just plan on having a panic attack. Then we have a plan.

Say you have something big coming up and you are feeling panic about it. So much so that you are planning on avoiding the event to avoid the panic. It seems easier right?

But why do you want to avoid the things you want to do AND the panic will always show up somewhere.

So instead let’s plan on Panic.

Plan when you are going to feel it and how it feels and where you feel it and what you will do when it happens.

So instead of avoiding it, I want you to really lean into it.

I had a client tell me the other day she didn’t go somewhere because she always has a panic attack at a certain point.

So instead we made a plan to have a panic attack.

What she could do when it happens. How she will handle it. Also what to do when the panic attack was over.

Because they always end. And the worse thing that happened was she had a panic attack.

AND Guess what? She didn’t.

If this sounds like your teenager and they could use some help on learning how to stop avoiding things to avoid their terrible emotions, then I have a program for them!

If you have a teenager who is stressed about school and their emotions are all over the place, then I have a program for them also. I have started a “Successful Teens Program”. It’s where we learn all the emotional things our kids need to learn to move out and be able to handle any kind of difficult situation. They learn how to take control of their lives.

Book an appointment with me to learn more by clicking the link below.

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