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Making Big things Small

When you feel anxiety even the smallest things can seem big and overwhelming. Just walking out the door to go to school can seem too much. Making a phone call seems hard. Talking to a teacher can send you walking in the opposite direction. Go to a party will make you want to stay at home. Even just saying hello to someone in the hallway can make you want to hide. What if we can break that "Big" thing down into even smaller things. You see our brain has a hard time with what we feel like are big things. It can't seem to figure out how to do it and it is easier to avoid and not do then to do it. Our brain likes to take the easy way out every time. IF we let it. So lets try breaking it down into smaller steps so it doesn't seem to big. If you have to make a phone call then write down all the small steps that you need to do to make that phone call. write down what you want to say. Pick a time when you will make the call. Pick a quiet place or make a plant to make the call with some back up support from a friend or parent. Then do it. Do it no matter what. If it's talking to a teacher then write out what you want to say. Set out a time and place you will talk to the teacher. Come up with back up plans in case it does not work for the teacher. Our brain doesn't like to take big steps but it is more willing to take these baby steps to get to where we want to be. So what are the small things that you can do to get you to your big things that you want to do? Figure them out and train your brain that you can do small things to get to the big things. And then have your back, no matter what! You got this!

If you, or someone you know could benefit from some strategies to get things done or to conquer anxiety you will want to book a free mini session with me to learn how I can help. Click the link bellow to book your session now.

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