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Love is the best Choice!

Love is just an emotion. A feeling that we have because of a thought that we have in our brain.

So is hate. We feel hate towards someone else because of a thought that we have about them. We can't bestow our hate on to anybody just like we can't give them our love. They have to choose to feel those emotions themselves.

Right now a lot of us want to feel hate towards those who do not think the same way we do. Those who are not as apathetic to our cause. The thing is, having hate for them does nothing to them. It can't hurt them. It really only hurts ourselves because having hateful feelings does not feel good. In fact it feels kinda crummy. I am not telling you that you have to have love for those who are speaking hateful and mean things. I am telling you that you can choose how you feel about them because it really only hurts you to have those negative emotions.

Maybe we could try and be curious about why they feel the way they feel. Maybe they just don't understand? Maybe they have something in their own lives happen that has affected how they feel and they can't see past the pain of it. Maybe they don't even know why they feel that way but are too scared of being wrong that they can't change. The thing is we really don't know why people act in certain ways. All we know is we have the option to love or hate and love just feels so much better within ourselves. We also don't have any control over how people act or behave and coming at them with judgment never seems to work.

We do have control over our own thoughts and feelings and actions. Although that seems small it can make great changes. I have seen many interactions online this week. A lot where someone comes out in harsh judgment of someone's misstep. We are all learning here. That is what we are doing as a human race together. Learning. It is very hard to teach someone coming from a place of judgment or hate. They will not listen. If we can come from a place of love and curiosity then our message can be heard.

I myself have had to readjust in some of my thinking in the last few weeks. I have reflected on some of my actions in the past. I will readjust and I do know I will be coming from a place of love and curiosity. It just feels better to me and I want to come from a place of love so that those that I speak to will listen and hopefully I will be heard.

If you have a teenager or young adult in your life who is having trouble processing tough emotions, then I am your gal! You can book a free session with me to learn about my Backpack program and what it is all about by clicking the link below.

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