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Jenny from the Block

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

Did you watch the Super Bowl Half-time Show? J-Lo was amazing. I always love the performances. I was hoping she would sing Jenny from the Block. I have always loved that song. I love that J-Lo wanted people to know that even though she has all this wealth and fame that she still loves the Bronx and owns that is where she is from and that is who she is. One summer we kept calling one of the girls that was crushing on our boys "Ryley from the Course" because she worked at the golf course in town. So who do you want to be? What is that you want people to think about when they think about you? Now we truly have no control over what people think about us. But we do have control over how we represent the type of person we are. Are you the nice person? Are you the happy person? Or are you the person who is always negative and thinks the worst of people? Or are you the person who always gives people the benefit of the doubt? Are you the person who always holds back? Or are you the person who is always pushing the limits? Decide now who you want to be. What you want to represent? What do you want to be known for? I hope that I am known for that person who is kind to others. Who wants to help people. Who wants to build people up, Who loves teenagers and young adults! (I truly can say I do!) Take a minute and write it down. who you want to be. Get it all written down. And if you are not that person now, figure out how you can be that person. Change your thoughts now. Decide now that you can be that person now. Choose to think you are that person now and then be it.

If you have a teenager or young adult in your life that is struggling with who they are or anxiety, you will want to book a free mini session by clicking the link below.

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