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It's My Birthday and it was Amazing!

On Monday it was my birthday. In years past I always seemed to have these expectations or Manuals in my head about how my birthday should run.

A Manual is an instruction guide we have for someone in our lives about how we would like them to behave so that we can feel good and be happy.

The problem is most people don’t even know what is in our manuals. Here is some of my previous expectations I had in my manual.

Husband should always wish you Happy Birthday first thing.

All your children should remember that it is your birthday.

Husband should know what to get you and it will be amazing!

Husband should take you out for dinner or plan a dinner with none of my help.

I could go on but you get the idea.

For Mother’s Day I thought it would be great if I told my family exactly what I expected. But then I was creating a whole new manual for my family.

Husband and kids should do what you expect them to do.

So for my birthday this year I helped my husband buy the present I wanted, buy the cake I wanted, and make the food We wanted.

The rest I didn’t care as much about so I let husband choose how else to celebrate.

AND it was amazing.

I loved every minute of it.

I was so happy and felt so loved and appreciated.

I dropped all my manuals and created what I wanted and let my husband and kids create what they wanted.

It was the perfect birthday for the circumstances.

Next year will be amazing too, I am already planning on it!

If you have a teenager or young adult in your life who has a lot of manuals, I can help. Manuals cause us a lot of stress and anxiety.

Click the link below to book a free consultation with me to learn more about my 12-week program.

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