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Is your teenager up in the night?

Up in the night or can’t go to sleep at night?

This is one of the most common things with my clients.

They have so much to worry about that they keep themselves up in the night.

The problem is, then they start to create more anxiety about not being able to get back to sleep.

One of my clients was talking to me about his sleep problems this week.

I asked him how much sleep does he think he needs?

Then we added all the hours of sleep he got.

We included the night and any naps.

Turns out he was getting the amount of sleep he wanted.

It just wasn’t how he thought he should.

All in one stretch at night.

Even just doing the math and knowing that we are getting enough sleep is helpful.

BUT we need to see that being up in the night is not the worse thing.

The worse thing that will happen is that you could be a bit more tired the next day and that’s OK.

Just give yourself permission to take it a little slower on the days you don’t get as much sleep.

IF we can stop being so hard on ourselves about not getting enough sleep then we can learn to be kind to ourselves and accepting of it.

And that feels so much better.

And don’t we always just want to feel a little bit better.

If you have a teenager who is struggling to get to sleep or stay asleep because of Anxiety I have strategies that can help.

Set up a consult with me so we can discuss some things that can help.

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