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Is your Teen ready for High School?

I'm on Parent Council at my son's Junior Hight School.

The other day we had a meeting where the High School Principal came to answer questions parents may have about their students enter High School next year.

One question that came forward was, "What should my child know to be best prepared for High School?"

The Principal Answered with 6 things that he thought were important for students to know before they entered into High School.

  1. Be able to self Advocate for themselves

  2. Be organized

  3. Be able to speak to adults/teachers

  4. Have good time management skills

  5. Be able to set boundaries

  6. Show up

Interestingly enough none of my kids were taught any of these subjects in Junior High.

How do you make sure your teen knows how to do these things before they get to High school?

It can be taught at home, but if your teen is struggling with Anxiety sometimes you are just so focused on that, you miss some of the other things.

It can be overwhelming as a parent.

My program for teens who struggle with Anxiety covers all the things that the High School Principal said that kids need to know when they are entering High School.

They learn how to deal with Anxiety and all the other things to know how to be successful in High School.

Set your teen up for success this summer so they are ready to go back to school with confidence.

Book a Parent Strategy Session with me to learn more by clicking the link below.

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