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I Was Mistaken.

I was talking with my girlfriend the other day and I was saying how I was supposed to be on a cruise right now with my family. She told me I was mistaken. I was never supposed to be on a cruise. I was never going to go on it. I thought I was. I was planning on it, but it was never going to happen. It was never meant to happen. It is the same thing with everything else everyone was planning on. The kids who are missing their graduations or end of school, or school trips, or SATs, or whatever they had planned, these things were never meant to happen. Everything is happening exactly how it was supposed to be. It just seems a little bit easier to think about, when we view it that way. No amount of being sad or mad will change how this is all happening. I feel so much better about my cruise now that I realize it was never going to happen anyways. It was never the plan, even though I thought it was. I planned the trip, I paid for the trip, I looked forward to the trip, but it was always a trip that wasn't going to happen. I was just mistaken.

If you, or your teenager or the young adult in your life is feeling a lot of negative emotions right now and having a hard time processing their feelings, I am your gal. I can help them see how they are keeping themselves stuck or overwhelmed with anxiety or sadness and how to move forward from this. They have the power to change and I can show them the way.

Right now I am offering a shortened program for those who are unsure of where they will be in the next few months. Send me a PM to set up a phone call to learn about my program and how it can work for your teenager or young adult. There is no reason for them to be feeling lost or helpless.

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