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How to Overcome any Obstacle

Obstacles are one of my favorite things to work on with my clients.

For every Obstacle we set up a Strategy.

It seems to help with so many things going on in their lives.

Whenever they have a problem, or a goal or source of anxiety it is such a helpful concept.

The concept is so simple.

Basically you write down all the obstacles that would get in your way.

List them all, one per line.

Just get them all down no matter how relevant they are.

Then take a look at your list.

Decide if the obstacle is really a valid concern or not.

Some may not be.

Those you cross off the list.

Now take your new list.

Next to each obstacle you work out a strategy that will help you with the obstacle.

It may be a simple strategy or have several steps.

Make sure you work the strategy all the way to eliminating your obstacle.

Give it a try.

Then teach it to your teen.

It is so amazing.

If you have a teen who struggles with anxiety and you are unsure of how to help them, then you need to book a parent strategy session with me.

In that session we will discuss what is going on with your teen and how my program can help.

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