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Getting Stuff Done!

I love getting stuff done. I was coaching a young client last night and she was overwhelmed about how she was going to get caught up on all her school work. She just could not see a clear path. She was sitting in complete overwhelm. We simply had her write down all the things she needed to get done. ALL OF THEM. Then we took all those things and put them in her calendar. Everything. Then we threw the list away. Now everything is planned out. Even what time she will have for free time and time to read and time to go to bed. Now she doesn't need to sit in overwhelm and get nothing done. She knows she is going to get it all done. She knows she will be true to her calendar. After we were done her session all she had to do was read and go to bed and not worry anymore. She did not have to be in overwhelm anymore. If you have a teenager in overwhelm or with feelings of anxiety click on the button on the bottom of my page for a free mini session to learn more about my program. I can help them get unstuck and on the path to confidence.

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