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Fail to Win

My brother-in-law has been playing a video game and he has gotten stuck on one level.

He has failed and died so many times on the game.

He keeps looking for answers as to why he can't seem to pass the level.

He has looked at YouTube videos.

Tutorials online.

Chat rooms.

He even has shown my boys the level and played it with them there to see if they had any insight.

Yet he keeps failing.

And keeps trying.

Over and over again in hopes of figuring out how to get to the next level.

What if you could handle failure in your life like a video game.

Each time you fail, you learn something new.

And try it again and again.

Try it again without embarrassment or shame.

Keep figuring it out.

Look for answers on how you can level up your life.

Take the extra time to see where you went wrong and instead of just giving up, try again.

You can not get amazing things out of your life without pushing through the uncomfortable.

Set the example for your teen.

Allow them to see when you fail and that it is OK.

Let them see you work through the process of figuring it out.

It's OK to not be perfect in front of your teen.

That is real life and that is what they need to be able to see from you.

Do you have a teen who struggling?

I am taking on one more client to work with me one on one.

Starting the second week of June.

If you want the spot, book a parent strategy session with me by clicking the link below.

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