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Equal Playing Time.

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Most Sports teams that my boys played on when they were little allowed the team mates equal playing time.

This is so that each player gets equal opportunity to develop their skills regardless of their ability or talent.

They each get to spend the same amount of time working towards developing their skills for the better.

I like to teach my own clients about Equal Playing Time, but in our brain. We so often want to look at the worse case scenario in our brain.

What I like to teach my clients is to give equal playing time in our brain to the best case scenario too.

Why would you favor the “Worst Player” or “Worst Thought”? It doesn’t even make sense. It is what our brain naturally goes to.

We should try to be aware of that and make sure we give that equal playing time to our best case scenario also.

Because in reality the best case scenario is usually what happens, or close to that and it feels so much better to focus on that best case scenario.

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