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Crooked Arms and Tropical Diseases.

Last week I shared a picture of my boys.

I am sure from that picture it looks like we have all these amazing boys who have it all together.

That doesn’t mean they haven’t had struggles and had some really tough things in their lives.

I thought I would share a few with you:

Loss of a sibling




Tropical Disease x2

Autoimmune Disease x2


Jaw Surgery

Broken nose x2, Broken Arm x2, Broken ankle

Friend killed in car accident x2

The reason I share these things is because life is not meant to be all roses and rainbows.

It is 50% good and 50% not so good.

That is the way it is supposed to be. We are all just having this human experience and some of it is not that fun.

But we need to be able to help our kids learn how to navigate the negative stuff.

Sometimes we can help them with that, sometimes they need someone like me to help.

My 15 year old used to say to me “Stop coaching me” So we got him his own coach.

He loves it and now says “Sometimes it’s easier to have someone else teach you then your parent.”

If you have a teen struggling with knowing what to do when everything is not going great, then you need me to help.

I help teach them how to navigate any problem they may be having.

I teach them how to help themselves now so they know how to help themselves when they are an adult.

Click the link below to book a Parent Strategy Session with me to learn how my program can work for your teen.

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