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Coping with Covid

How is your teen or young adult coping with Covid?

We have three young adults and one teenager.

All three boys left to do school at their respective schools although only one of them ever actually goes to campus for school related things.

One of my boys has never said the word anxiety when referring to his own emotions until this week.

I was shocked and it got me wondering how many teens and young adults are suffering because of Covid and we don’t even know it or expect it.

Now is the time to have a conversation with your kids.

Talk to them about all the things they feel like they don’t have control of.

Things like:

Wearing masks to school

Doing classes online

Getting tested for Covid

Getting Covid

Getting Mono-Yes, one of my boys has Mono

The election outcome

Having to isolate

Extra curriculars getting cancelled

Then talk to them about the things they do have control over:

How they react to everything

How much effort they put into their school

The amount of time they spend on social media

Spending time with family

Working on themselves

Planning for the future

It just is a good way for them to see that they don have control over some things in their life in a world where we feel like we are being forced into situations we don’t love.

It is not easy right now for anybody.

Especially our kids who feel very isolated and alone.

If you have a teenager or young adult who is struggling right now I can help.

Within our first session they will feel better, they will feel like they have some control over their own life and feel like they have the ability to change the things they would like to change.

Click the link below to book a some time with me to learn more about my programs.

Stop sitting on the fence about this.

Now is the time to get some help for your kids.

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