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Break it Down!

How many times have you been just sitting there staring at a blank screen wondering how to get started on that big assignment or project?

Our brains have a really hard time figuring out how to start such a big task. It seems like it should be so simple yet here you are still trying to get started.

Instead try breaking it down into smaller tasks that don't seem so big or overwhelming.

Start with writing it all down.

From Start to Finish.

Today I had to write this post. I didn't want to do it. It was too much for my brain to take on one more task.

So I broke it down.

1. get a drink

2. Sit down at my computer, turn it on.

3. Take down some notes on what I wanted to write about.

4. Find a nice picture to go with my post.

5. Get a rough draft done.

6. Edit my draft.

7. Post it.

8. Pat myself on the back!

Then I picked a time to do it and wrote it in my calendar. I picked one hour and I knew I could do it within that time because I decided that I would.

Then I did it!

Now it is Done and POSTED!

So much easier then trying to train our brain to accomplish the one big task. I chose a lot of little tasks and my brain did not rebel. I thanked myself for getting it done!

If you have a teenager or young adult who is struggling with getting stuff done right now, especially with all this at home schooling, then I can help.

Getting stuff done is my specialty.

Not getting things done can cause a lot of anxiety too.

Right now I am offering a COVID Special. Book a consultation with me to learn about my shortened program that I am offering right now for those who are unsure of where they may be in the future with a special price.

Click the Book Now button at the bottom of this page or send me a DM or email me at

Did you see that? I just broke it down for you! You can thank me later!


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