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Brain Fog

This past week I have really struggled with my brain.

It has been causing me a lot of trouble.


I have forgotten clients,

I have sent out reminders with wrong days and wrong times.

I played cards this weekend with some family and they even noticed my struggle to even form full sentences or play cards like a person who knows how to play cards!

It was frustrating.

I decided to treat it like I would a negative emotion.

Something I teach all my clients.

Name the emotion.

Brain Fog.

Get curious about it.

Why am I experiencing this?

Maybe I am just getting old.

Most likely it was because I had a new schedule that was getting me up way earlier then in the summer.

And then have compassion for yourself.

Of course I am having some Brain Fog.

I am adjusting to less sleep and a new schedule.

That way I am not getting frustrated with myself over having a negative emotion of feeling.

It is so normal to feel negative emotion.

If you are struggling with some negative emotion, start being kind to yourself.

Get curious as to why you are feeling it and then have some compassion for yourself.

We are human and are just having a normal human experience.

Which can include some negative emotions AND Brain Fog.

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