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Birthday Expectations

This week is my birthday.

As most people we want to feel appreciated and noticed most days but especially on your birthday.

I live in a world with all boys and they are not always the best at showing their appreciation at the best of times.

So for the past few years I have lowered my expectations and also put in a few requests of what I would like my birthday to be like.

This way I let the men in my life know what I would appreciate for my birthday.

They don't have to guess.

And I am not disappointed.

Also my expectations are very simple and not too crazy.

This year I asked to go for dinner and a movie.

That's all I truly wanted.

And it was perfect.

Do you have expectations in your head about how things should happen or how your teen should behave?

We all do, I do it too.

Most of the time your teen doesn't even know what these expectations are and when they fall short and you are upset they are confused.

You as a parent need to be very clear in your expectations, BUT before you lay them out make sure you are very clear to yourself why you are setting these expectations.

Make sure they are to better your teen and not to just make you feel like you are doing a good job as a parent or trying to control things too much to make yourself feel or look better.

Give it a try this week.

Be very clear in your expectations of your teen, But before you set them out pay attention to the why.

Why do you have these expectations and make sure it is a good reason.

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