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Being Annoyed with Rain

We all have circumstances in our lives that we would like to change. Right now I would like it to stop raining. It has been raining here for days. I am done with it. BUT…. I have no control over it.

It’s a fact. It is raining outside right now and I have a bad attitude about it.

The problem is I am so focused on the rain stopping that I am not getting anything done. I am not getting my work done. I am not having any fun, I am just wasting time being annoyed at the rain and wishing I was some where without rain.

I am sure you do this too. Wish you could change the circumstances in your life to make yourself feel better.

The thing is, you can feel better in the circumstance you are in right now.

It’s just my thoughts about the rain that are making me so annoyed. The thoughts that I am creating in my brain. The thoughts that I keep thinking over and over. AND you know what?

I am the only one who has control over my thoughts!

Crazy! Right?

What if I choose to think something different?

Like what about how lucky I am to be in this beautiful place. I am in the mountains. It is supposed to rain here in June. Why? So that all the beautiful wild flowers and berries can grow. In another week the flowers will be amazing and breath taking. Because of all the rain. It is also protecting us from wild fires. Which we have had two in the last few years. I can handle some rain if it means our little place of Heaven will be protected from fires.

These are all thoughts that serve me much better and help me to feel better too. Instead of being annoyed with the rain I now feel grateful. And that just feels so much better.

If you have a Teenager or Young Adult in your life who struggles with bad attitude and is willing to talk to a Coach, I am your girl! I love working with them on that thought shift and it is so fun to see them go through that shift!

I also love to help those struggling with anxiety in their daily life.

Click the link below to book a free consultation with me. I usually have a discussion with you as a parent first and then do a session with your child.

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