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Bad Worry Habit

Did you know that worrying is a one of the most common forms of suffering? We all do it. When we worry we quite often overeat, turn to drugs or alcohol, pornography, bing watching on Netflix, social media or anything that stops us from feeling worried. The other thing that can happen is our worry can just grow more and more and turn into anxiety. Sometimes we just get in the habit of worrying all the time. Worry is actually optional and unnecessary. It does us no good. It in no way helps us. It does not move us forward in any way. It actually keeps us in the same spot. Worry is not helpful to us. I remember when my boys were younger and my husband would take them all camping. They would go off into the woods where no one was, without any access to a phone. I would worry. There were so many things that could go wrong. Me worrying was not helping me or them in any way. It was not protecting them more. It was not making them safe and it was not helping me. I was just worried. It could change nothing that was going on at that camp. In fact one year my nephew's appendix burst while his dad was out at the camp and he was at home with his mom because he was too young to go. We could not get ahold of his Dad to tell him what was going on. Anyone worrying would not have change the outcome of the situation. Anyone worrying would not help get him to the hospital any faster or get ahold of his Dad any faster. Thankfully it all worked. I've learned that it helps no one for me to worry while they are at their camp. I just have learned to enjoy my time by myself while they are all gone. If something were to go wrong then I would be able to be the best me and spring into action and do what needs to be done. Me worrying would not change anything or help anything at all. It's only effect is a negative effect on me and my mental health. If you have a teenager or young adult in your life that could benefit from some of these tools to take control of their anxiety then book a free mini session by clicking the link below.

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