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Anxiously Planning on Anxiety.

Anxiety often develops because of the unknown.

There is so much that we don't know about the future that can cause you Anxiety.

When you are Anxious you sit in overwhelm and just allow your anxiety to take over.

What I want to suggest to you is to try and make a plan.

Make a plan for everything.

Despite feeling Anxiety.

You are going to feel Anxious.

Plan on that.

Then make a plan for what is causing you to feel Anxious.

Is it talking to someone new?

Going to school?

Taking a trip?


Home alone?

Make a plan for it all.

Then you know when these things that cause you to feel anxious come up, you have a plan for what you will do.

It won't take the Anxiety away.

It will help it feel less because you have a plan and you now know what to do.

Give it a try.

Plan on Anxiety.

Plan on the scary things.

You will see a big difference.

If your teen is struggling with Anxiety, you will want to book a Parent Strategy Session with me.

Click the link below.

Also follow me on Instagram. @anxietycoachdaelene

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