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Anxious about Anxiety

As a parent with a child with Anxiety it was so easy to mirror that emotion.

His anxiety would give me anxiety.

I didn't even have anxiety to start with.

He would come to me with his worry and anxieties

or I would see it play out within him and I would start to be anxious about him getting anxious.

I would try to avoid things so that he wouldn't get anxious.

I would try and cushion things so he wouldn't get anxious.

I would try and protect him any way I could.

It was exhausting.

I was having so much of my own anxiety about it all.

Finally I realized that my Anxiety about his Anxiety was not helping anyone.

Not him.

Not me.

Not anyone.

It took some time,

But I started to see that it was ok that he felt anxiety and I didn't have to feel it with him.

That is why I am such a good Anxiety Coach for Teens.

I can help your teen without falling down their rabbit hole of Anxiety with them.

And I know how the best tools to help them.

Does your teen struggle with Anxiety?

Book a Parent Strategy Session with me to see how my program will help your teen now.

Click the link below.

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