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Anxiety Texts

Hey Everyone,

I have a question for you today. Are you like me and receive texts from your Anxiety child all the time. Texts like this?

Mom I need see the Doctor.

Mom can you book me a Doctors appointment?

Mom did you book my appointment yet?

Mom when is my appointment?

Mom can you come with me?

What am I supposed to say?

What if they ask me a question I don’t know the answer to?

Mom are we leaving yet?

Mom I think we are going to be late.


About 5 years ago I was getting them all the time. What are you even supposed to do? I still don’t even know. Everyone tells you that you should just let them fail and they will learn from the consequence. I am not sure that works with kids who feel Anxiety with EVERYTHING! So what do you do?

All we want is for our kids to grow into confident Adults who can take care of their freaken self.

How do you get from these type of texts to a young adult who can do these types of things without freaken out with ANXIETY?

I am not going to tell you how to parent your child. You have to figure that out yourself. AND you are probably doing an amazing job. But I can help with teaching them some tools that will help in situations like this.

That I do know.

I know how to help your kid learn to work through these emotions of worry and anxiety. I know how to teach them how to get all their “What if’s” Answered. I know how to help them work through all the obstacles and strategies. So hopefully the next time this type of situation comes up, they can handle it a little bit better.

That way you can get to that end goal of your kids moving out of the house as strong independent Adults.

That is how I can help you and your teenager or young adult.

If this happens to you then you need to contact me to book an appointment to discuss my 6 month Anxiety Back Pack Program.

You will thank me!

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