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Anxiety is your Super Power

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Nothing feels less empowering then feeling like you are broken or something is wrong with you. When we feel anxiety we sometimes think we need to hide it from people. We feel like it is something that makes us seem broken or needs to be fixed or changed. We start to look for ways to fix ourselves or change ourselves. We get wrapped up in trying to hide it. When we do these things it makes our anxiety even worse. Anxiety is something that everyone feels at some point in their life. Some of us just feel it more then others. What if we could look at our anxiety with compassion instead of fear? What if we could look at our anxiety with acceptance instead of dread? What if we could look at our anxiety with love instead of hate? The anxiety you feel is a part of you. What if you could look at the good things anxiety does for you? Look at the times when Anxiety helped you or made things better for you. We have a son who feels anxiety all the time and through high school really struggled with it. We as his parents truly believe that his anxiety kept him out of trouble multiple times with his friends. His friends would do something stupid and although he was still there, he did not participate in the stupid acts they were engaging in. Him feeling anxiety held him back and kept him from trouble. Not only trouble with his parents but trouble that could have had huge consequences with his future. His anxiety at that time was his Super Power. Think of that when you are feeling anxiety. Think of how your anxiety has helped you or even pushed you. Look at it with appreciation instead of wishing it away because it is a part of you. Use it to your advantage.

If you have a teenager or young adult in your life who feels anxiety in their every day life and would like them to learn tools to activate their anxiety super power, book a free mini session with me by clicking the link below.

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