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Anxiety is not always the Problem

Anxiety is what is called in the coaching world a "Secondary Emotion".

We always feel another negative emotion first that builds up into Anxiety.

We never go straight there.

Although we can build a habit that can take us straight there because we experience it so often that we become familiar with feeling Anxious.

We experience the world in a Anxiety provoking way and it becomes an expected and familiar emotion.

The emotions that usually come first are scared, worry, hurt, uncertainty, sadness, or disappointment.

If we can ask ourselves “What is the feeling that could be underneath my anxiety right now?” then we should be able to understand the feeling that is causing us to feel anxiety.

Allow yourself to be open to that possibility rather than anxiety.

Then sit in that emotion for awhile and allow it to be there rather then building it up into

more worry,

more hurt,

more sadness,

more uncertainty

or more disappointment

which is how we get into anxiety.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes.

And if you have a teen who struggles with Anxiety then you need to book a Parent Strategy Session with me.

In the Session we talk about what is going on with your teen and what is working for my clients.

I am seeing amazing results.

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