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Anxiety Back Pack Program

Anxiety Backpack Program

Welcome to the anxiety backpack program. I wanted to talk to you a little about why I am calling my new program The anxiety backpack program. As you go through this program my goal for you is to not get rid of your anxiety. Anxiety can be a useful thing. It can keep us out of trouble. I don't want you to suppress it. What I want, is for you to be able to recognize when you feel anxiety. Name it Anxiety “This is just anxiety” Its ok. I'm just going to sit here with it for a minute. It’s not going to hurt me. It’s probably with you in some form or another all the time. So we are going to accept it and work with that. So each day you get up in the morning I want you to think, “I’m just going to strap on my anxiety backpack and that’s ok” Start to recognise it and accept it. See if that makes a difference for you. Try it on! Strap on your anxiety backpack! You got this! If you are interested in learning more about my program or would like to sign up for a free mini session click the link below.

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