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50% Positive

Son #3 is headed to go to school at BYUI. I'm so excited for him to experience all the fun that I did while at school there. What a great time of life. Isn't it funny how our brain remembers all the great things that happened and we ten to forget all the not so great things. As I reflect on my time there I do remember some not so good times too. Spats with roommates, hard tests, boys and car accidents. Life is not always positive. It's only 50% positive. That's OK too. If we didn't have negative experiences or emotions in our lives we wouldn't see the fabulous things in our lives. We need the negative to experience the positive. I'm excited for him to have his 50/50 experience too. If you would like to learn more about being OK with the negative emotion, like anxiety in your life or in your teenager's life, click the link at the bottom of my page for your free mini session.

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