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Life Coach


Teens and

Young Adults.

Bridge into the Woods

I love helping teenagers who feel Anxiety. I love telling them that they can feel anxiety and still do everything they want to do.


You may be carrying your backpack of anxiety around with you for the rest of your life and that is ok.


We can feel anxiety and still have a fabulous life.


 I love this work so much and I love helping teenagers make huge changes in their lives to deal with anxiety and Gain Confidence!! 

Grab your Backpack of Anxiety and get to work 

Have a teenager with anxiety?

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Recycled Paper

“After just one session with her she helped me more then any of my counselors did with multiple sessions."


Madi S



"Life coaching with Daelene has been amazing! She has helped me deal with anxiety and depression. I have been struggling with anxiety all my life and the last year with depression. With her help, I am finally finding happiness and feeling more like myself everyday. I have learned so much from her! I can't thank her enough for what she has helped me through.".


“I have had a wonderful time being coached by Daelene. She has helped me through a numerous amount of problems that range from day to day tasks to conquering some of my largest fears. She is very smart, understanding and educated in coaching. Love her so much!"  


Mercedez  B.

"Daelene is a FANTASTIC coach! She has helped me many times to gain a new perspective on a difficult situation. Her work with anxiety is invaluable right now, so much help needed! You can trust her to help you find real solutions!"


Jane C.

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