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Self Confidence

The definition of Self Confidence is being secure in yourself and your abilities. It’s knowing you can trust yourself and your overall opinion of yourself. It’s also knowing that you can experience any emotion and nothing will harm you. Even when you feel a negative emotion like Anxiety.

The opposite of Self Confidence is Self Doubt. We start to feel Self Doubt when we don’t trust ourselves to follow through on something.

We start to feel Self Doubt when we allow those negative emotions to take over. Those negative emotions are driven by the thoughts we are creating.

Self Confidence is the Belief that we have of ourselves. Beliefs are just thoughts we think over and over in our heads. Thinking thoughts that create confidence and then believing them is a skill. Most of our beliefs are recycled. We don’t even realize how much self doubt and anxiety our beliefs produce because we have always thought this way.

Instead of thinking, I have no friends, think I can be friends with anyone I choose.

Instead of thinking, I am not pretty enough, think I am beautiful to me.

Instead of thinking, I’m not smart enough, think I am still learning and that’s OK.

Instead of thinking, I’m too chubby, think I am just the way I am supposed to be.

Sometimes just adding “And that’s OK” to the end of a self doubt is a good way to get you half way there to Self Confidence. Just being OK with ourselves is Self assuring and will feel better then Self Doubt.

I know the struggle is real. If you want to feel more Self Confident or are struggling with Self Doubt or Anxiety please click the link below for a free mini session to learn what I can do to help you on your way to a more Self Confident life and to Conquer your Anxiety.

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