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Is it Beginning to look a lot like Christmas?

Here in Alberta we have a lot of restrictions.

Everything is shut down except the mall or the grocery store and even those have big long line ups to get in.

Christmas is definitely going to look a little different this year.

For over 25 years our family has never spent Christmas at home.

We have always gone to the Grandparent’s house with tons of Aunts and Uncles and Cousins around to party with.

The thing that I keep needing to remind myself though is that life is 50-50.

Fifty percent of the time is pretty amazing and wonderful and 50% is not so great.

Most of the time we tend to remember the good times and forget the bad times.

Like packing all the presents and forgetting the stockings at home or fighting over which Grandparent’s house everyone wants to be at.

For teens, they can get stuck looking at the negative stuff and remembering that.

They hold onto the 50% part of life that is hard and they struggle with.

Once they stay there for awhile its easy to get stuck there.

So how do we help them so they can see the positive stuff too?

First we need to teach them to allow themselves to feel the negative emotions.

There is no shame in it.

We need to allow our teens to feel mad or sad or unhappy or anxious.

Nothing has gone wrong here.

Then we can show them that they have control over their emotions.

They can choose to stay where they are at or they can learn to train their brain to look for the positive things that are happening in their lives to.

All teens need to learn how to implement these tools into their lives.

This kind of stuff should be taught in the schools.

Lucky for you, I can teach them.

Book a free Parent Discovery Call with me now to learn about my program and how I can help your teen up level their life now.

My Teenager is working with his own coach. He just started but I can’t wait to see what he learns.

Click the link below to book.

PS I am super excited for new traditions and Christmas with all my kids under my roof!


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